GUSH, esGUSH, and vlGUSH

The GUSH token can be represented as itself, GUSH, esGUSH, or vlGUSH


The pure GUSH token is not encumbered in any way. It is totally liquid and can be moved freely or vote-locked to participate in governance and to accrue any corresponding rewards.

When escrowed and unvested it is esGUSH (es stands for "escrowed").

When vote-locked, GUSH become vlGUSH (vl stands for "vote-locked").

Escrowed GUSH (esGUSH)

esGUSH stands for "escrowed GUSH." esGUSH maintains similarities to GUSH, but has a vesting period associated with it.

esGUSH is illiquid and non-transferrable, but it has two important functions:

  • it can either be vote-locked to participate in governance

  • OR it can be vested for the equivalent amount of GUSH tokens

  • It cannot do both at the same time

The vesting period for esGUSH is 6 months and once vesting has begun, it cannot be undone.

Vote Locked GUSH (vlGUSH)

To align incentives of the gUSHer protocol to long-term focused community members and participants, the protocol incorporates a vote-locking mechanism similar to those found in other protocols like Convex and Aura.

vlGUSH is simply vote-locked GUSH (or esGUSH).

vlGUSH represents governance voting power and is issued 1:1 for the amount of GUSH (or esGUSH) that is locked. However, vlGUSH is illiquid and non-transferrable.

Users must vote-lock their GUSH as vlGUSH to be eligible to participate in governance and to accrue any corresponding rewards.

Vote-locking your GUSH "locks" it for 16 weeks. At the end of that period, it may be unlocked and converted back to GUSH or it may be re-locked as vlGUSH for another 16 weeks.

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