gUSHer and vdUSH

Liquid tokenized vdUSH (gushyUSH)

Typically, a user will ‘lock’ their USH or qualifying LP token for vdUSH and the opportunity to earn [multiplied] USH rewards. As described, this leaves their USH locked-up and non-transferrable. gUSHer fixes this by creating a tokenized version of vdUSH for you called gushyUSH.

Maximizing yield


gushyUSH is designed to optimize yield for users. The protocol will automatically max-lock your underlying vdUSH position, providing the highest possible yield.

Batched Transactions

Efficiency is gained (gas saved) by batching the transactions of all gushyUSH holders together.

Compounding yield

USH yield is automatically converted into gushyUSH, compounding rewards further.

GUSH yield

USH yield releases a proportional amount of GUSH yield giving gushyUSH holders more value and ownership over the gUSHer protocol.