Rewards for gushyUSH Stakers


gUSHer allows users to deposit their USH and USH LPs and receive gushyUSH, instead of the non-transferrable vdUSH. gushyUSH is a representation of tokenized, optimized vdUSH - it is given to the user at a 1:1 rate for the corresponding vdUSH generated and it can be traded on popular DEXs. Under the hood, gushyUSH is compounded for to maximize growth and reward weight.

Read more about the gushyUSH token and how it is created here.

gushyUSH Staking

gushyUSH can be staked in gUSHer to receive the following:

  • unshETH Protocol Fees/Rewards: The normal fees that would accrue for the corresponding vdUSH if it were deposited directly on unshETH

  • gUSHer Protocol Fee Sharing: Additional gushyUSH from gUSHer's protocol fees

  • gUSHer Protocol Emissions: Additional GUSH/esGUSH token rewards

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