esGUSH represents an escrowed version of GUSH with a few important differences such as the fact that esGUSH cannot be transferred.
The contract address for esGUSH can be found here.

Utility & Use cases

esGUSH can be used in two ways:
  • Vote-Locking
  • Vesting
Note: Vote-Locking prevents Vesting until the aforementioned lock time has passed. Vesting prevents Vote-Locking until vested tokens are subsequently reclaimed as GUSH.


Vote-locked esGUSH carries the same utilities as GUSH .
  • Recurring rewards
    • Earn a share of gUSHer fees
    • Share benefits of platform bribes
  • Voting and governance participation
    • Future gauges, parameter changes, and other proposals in gUSHer
    • unshETH: utilize gUSHer-owned vdUSH to govern the unshETH protocol
Vote-Locked tokens cannot be Vested. Users must either lock or vest their esGUSH.


esGUSH can be vested to convert it 1:1 to claimable GUSH. Vesting takes place linearly over a 6 month period from when the vesting was started. Once a vest has begun, it cannot be undone.
Vesting tokens cannot be Vote-Locked. Users must either lock or vest their esGUSH.

GUSH Distribution

Distributions occur in a combination of GUSH and esGUSH according to the relevant Parameter Controller contract. Further details regarding token distribution and emissions can be found following the link below: