Rewards for unshETH LPs

unshETH LPs

There are a number of different LP tokens that can be staked on the unshETH platform.

gUSHer gives users the ability to continue receiving their trading fees, but boosted with a higher APY due to gUSHer's protocol owned vdUSH. Simultaneously, LPs will benefit from protocol native (GUSH/esGUSH) tokens in the form of rewards.

gUSHer provides users the ability to maximize yield on their unshETH LP Tokens while offering exposure to the governance token of gUSHer, a protocol with the economic weight of substantial vdUSH.

GUSH governance tokens, which are used to direct the voting power of the vdUSH in gushyUSH, are minted alongside the gushyUSH earned and paid to LPs and other ecosystem users thereby creating additional incentives.

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