What is gUSHer?

GUSH your USH. unshETH your ETH.
gUSHer is THE best way to manage your USH and unshETH experience. It is platform custom-built with the purpose of boosting and optimizing rewards for USH stakers and liquidity providers in the unshETH protocol, while still holding tokenized vdUSH. TLDR:
  • Maximum yield (with added boost)
  • Liquid tokenized vdUSH
  • Control USH voting rights via delegation
gUSHer's core goal is to grow and improve the unshETH ecosystem through increased adoption and efficiency. This principle will guide the design and decisions of the team.

Why do we need a new layer?

One of unshETH's founding principles is "Decentralization through incentivization." Gusher combines incentive maximization with ease of use for users.
Actively managing a position can be tedious: staking, claiming, re-staking, providing liquidity, and others is expensive and time-consuming. Gusher batches and automates these processes in an optimal way, maximizing yield, all while receiving [Gusher exclusive] boosted yield (paid in tokenized vdUSH and GUSH).
Gusher charges no fees for deposits/withdrawals, only a low protocol fee on profits, which is distributed to USH stakers and GUSH holders.