Protocol Fees

Fees are necessary to maintain the incentives of the gUSHer ecosystem

Fee Structure

There is a 20% total fee on all USH/vdUSH rewards generated through gUSHer.
*Other third-party tokens allocations may follow different fee structures to allow flexibility in structuring partnerships and maintaining the DAO.

Fee Distribution Breakdown

12% to gushyUSH Stakers
Distributed as gushyUSH
5% to GUSH/esGUSH Stakers (includes vdGUSH)
Distributed as gushyUSH
2.5% to gUSHer Treasury
Distributed as gushyUSH
0.5% to Harvest Caller
Distributed as USH

Fee Range

Fees can be adjusted by governance vote within the following ranges:
0-20% to gushyUSH Stakers
0-20% to GUSH/esGUSH Stakers (includes vdGUSH)
0-10% to gUSHer Treasury
0-1% to Harvest Caller
Note: There is a hard-coded absolute total fee ceiling of 25%.