GUSH is the protocol token of gUSHer. Like gushyUSH, GUSH will be an Omnichain Fungible Token which allows GUSH tokens to live on multiple chains as gUSHer deploys on them.
At launch, the supported blockchain will be Arbitrum. The contract addresses for GUSH can be found here.

Utility & Use cases

  • Recurring rewards
    • Earn a share of gUSHer fees
    • Share benefits of platform bribes
  • Voting and governance participation
    • Future gauges, parameter changes, and other proposals in gUSHer
    • unshETH: utilize gUSHer-owned vdUSH to govern the unshETH protocol


GUSH is minted in proportion to each USH token earned by:
  • gushyUSH stakers
  • unshETH liquidity providers and farmers
  • gUSHer liquidity providers

GUSH Distribution

Further details regarding token distribution and emissions can be found following the link below: