Nitro Pool Staking

How To - GUSH/unshETH Staking in Camelot Nitro Pool

gUSHer has recently announced 10,000 ARB and 250,000 esGUSH staking rewards for it's Camelot Nitro Pool. To participate and claim your share of rewards, all you need to do is stake your GUSH/unshETH liquidity. This guide will help you get there.

Nitro Pool Direct Link:

Steps to Staking

Go to Camelot Trade Page

Go to and click on “V2”

Import Tokens

Click on the ETH icon and import the following 2 tokens (be sure to CLICK ‘Import’):

  • GUSH: 0x3b251a69f290bc09c36efc85f3c5c4166cf8594a

  • esGUSH: 0x9dB8A4713CB7067A5fF0bBd34e7Dc6F5b9928d2b

Purchase GUSH and unshETH

Now you can purchase GUSH and unshETH if desired, for the purposes of staking in the nitro pool. Keep in mind, you will need equal dollar-values of each

Add Liquidity

Go to and select the two tokens in the pool, GUSH and unshETH (you should be able to search by name, now that you’ve imported GUSH). Then ‘Create Position’

Camelot makes it easy - you can add liquidity, lock, and stake all in 1 step. To qualify for rewards and stake in the pool, be sure to do the following:

  • Set ‘Lock duration’ to end AFTER Apr 01, 0759 UTC

  • Set ‘Nitro auto-staking’ to ‘ON’ and select the Nitro Staking Pool

  • Click ‘Create Position’

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