Rewards for GUSH & esGUSH Stakers


GUSH is the protocol and governance token of gUSHer. Read more about the GUSH token and its utility here.


esGUSH is the escrowed version of GUSH. Read more about the esGUSH token and its utility here.

GUSH/esGUSH Staking

GUSH and esGUSH can be staked in gUSHer to receive the following:

  • gUSHer Governance Power: The ability to vote on how the protocol uses its Treasury, how it directs its vdUSH, and other governance issues

  • gUSHer Protocol Fee Sharing: Additional gushyUSH from gUSHer's protocol fees

  • Voting Incentives: Bribe markets can provide extra incentives to direct the voting power and reward GUSH and esGUSH stakers (in the future)

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